Foodie Dice No. 5 - Paleo Meals

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Endless inspiration to fuel your Paleo nutrition plan is just a roll away. This set of dice includes all of the building blocks for a solid Paleo meal, along with an optional Paleo starch/starch substitute that you can roll or not depending on your activity level and carbohydrate needs. If you're new to a Paleo lifestyle, these dice will end the guessing game of "What can or can't I eat on a Paleo diet?", and if you've been Paleo for a while, they'll help you shake up your cooking routine.

  • Includes 7 dice (protein, fat, vegetables, more vegetables, herb, bonus ingredient, Paleo starch/carb substitute)
  • Over 279,000 possible combinations
  • Birch wood dice are laser-engraved in the USA, and come packaged in a cotton drawstring pouch

Here’s what you might be cooking if you rolled the dice:
poultry / olive oil / spinach / artichoke / basil / garlic / zoodles*
beef / tallow / kale / brussels sprouts / thyme / bacon / sweet potato*

*This is the one you'd leave out if you're limiting starches

Add on our Booster Set (seafood protein, spice, herbs, and wild card ingredients) for even more options. Dice come in their own pouch. 

What's on the dice


  • Dice measure 3/4" each
  • Pouch with dice measures 3 x 5"
  • Birch wood dice are laser-engraved in the USA