How to create a not boring pasta salad with Foodie Dice

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Labor Day weekend is here, and my guess is that most people will be attending or hosting a BBQ or picnic of some sort. So what do you bring? Not the same old boring pasta salad this year. We're going to show you how to use your Foodie Dice to create a unique salad that with any luck, will be that dish that disappears before everyone even gets to try it. The best part of this method is that you might end up with a pasta or potato salad, or instead, a salad made with rice, millet, or quinoa. The possibilities are endless. 



1 // ROLL
Roll your grain, herb, bonus ingredient, and summer veggie die. We rolled rice, dill, bacon, & tomato. If you roll polenta, you'll probably want to roll the grain die again.

Roll the bonus ingredient and summer veggie dice again. We rolled lemon & zucchini. You can keep rolling as many times as you'd like to add ingredients.

Cook your grain or potatoes, add other ingredients, and dress the salad. Use these tips from Food52 for How to Make Pasta Salad Without a Recipe


Share your creations with us on Instagram with #FDpastasalad and we'll regram our favorites.


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